9/24/2017 “And it came to pass”

What would you do, if money were not an issue? That question has been on my mind, and due to answering that, along with some other questions, I have now decided to switch my major. Why? Basically since starting college, I have felt underwhelmed by the business classes. That feeling was intensified working as an intern right before the mission. I learned way, way more about business in those short weeks than I did taking classes. Again working, I can see that I am once more learning vastly more at my job, than in the classroom. I read how prominent New England businessmen (and mormons) like Mitt Romney majored in english, and Kevin Rollins majored in humanities. Simply put, I view a business major giving a three- to six-month head start in the workplace. After that initial period, I do not see the value. Now paying for college, I cannot imagine paying three more years for that, not to mention struggling staying interested in the classes. My end goal has not changed in terms of a profession, but the way to get there has and is. What have I decided to switch to? Haven’t the foggiest. I am leaning towards Ancient Near Eastern Studies, as I feel most passionate about that field. And, I dream about going to the Jerusalem Center. Other possibilities include history, english, or political science. Whatever the case, this door is unequivocally open. I am focused on covering all the bases for now, making sure I stay on track to graduate at the end of my eight semesters, which I feel is a mature, adult decision.

A life- size replica of the Tabernacle being built on campus. It’ll be open until Oct 29. https://religion.byu.edu/tabernacle

In an update to last week, I do, as of an hour ago have a date for Tuesday night. We’ll be going to the BYU Wind Symphony concert.

Tonight, we had a stake training for basically everyone with a calling. Recently sustained as Family History co-specialist, I joined the Temple and Family History group for training. And, during the “munch and mingle” afterwards picked up the number of one Nicole, temple committee chair of the 218th ward. Hey, whether its for a friendly ward indexing competition, or a date, its good to be prepared, As dad, asking about someone else would say, “is she someone who will help build your family tree?” Subtle, and I like the FH emphasis. I went door to door tonight meeting people and drumming up support for our FH class which will start on Oct. 8th. Bishop Gonzalez, in calling me to this position gave me the advice to “work like you did on the mission.” That has stuck with me, and I am determined to do my best. Home teaching, I also learned that one of my visits is to Mouli, a Phd candidate in physics from India, who is not a member. I am thankful for the opportunities, and feel like I am in the right place. Coming here, I had pondered and prayed to go to the right apt. complex as so much seems to hinge on it. I am thankful for the confirmations that have come letting me know this is the place.

This weekend the temperature has dipped to under 40 degrees. The mountains are covered with snow. (In September for crying out loud!!!!!) Needless to say, I have been bundled and upping the meat intake. Hopefully this week brings a return to warmer weather.

 Friday, more has fallen since.

I finally finished Neal Mazwell’s biography, “A Disciple’s Life”, having gotten sidetracked with other reading projects. Coming recommended by Uncle Zach, I am glad I took the time to read it. One fascinating story and previously unknown  to me,  happened in 1972. Senator Bennett of Utah went to Neal to announce his coming retirement from politics and ask Neal Maxwell to run for his seat. Virtually assured a victory, this man, Neal Ash Maxwell, who had majored in political science, worked in D.C., and long been fascinated with american politics, turned down this once-in-a-lifetime offer. Of course, less than two years later he would be called to be a General Authority. And to paraphrase him, the only gift we can give to the Lord is our free agency. And when we do, He will mold us into the people we have the potential to become.

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