Coming to you one day late.

Uncle Aaron was at the BYU game. He chose the wrong year to attend. It was nevertheless nice to see Anna and him there. I do hope he appreciates my leniency. He came in not once, but twice before we officially let people in. To put that into perspective, and how seriously I take my gatekeeping responsibilities, later this guy with his family comes over. He asks to go in, as he is needed at the media tent. “Ok, where’s your pass?” “We weren’t given any.” (Then shows me their tickets,) “We start taking tickets at 12.” “You don’t understand, I am Luke Staley.” “Nice to meet you.” (If I had really been quick, I would have said, “I am Groot!”) “I need to go in, they’re retiring my number today!” Of course, once that card is played, its out of my league. He went by with his family. And I admittedly felt bad for not knowing who he was, nor that he was being honored  this game.

    MTC meet-up

I recieved my calling: Family History Specialist! Never will a YSA have done so much family history after this………..

I went again to the temple Friday, but am now committed to bringing family names from here on out. Tanner and AnneMarie then came over where we three along with a ward friend shared an apple pie.

We spent Sunday evening with the fam, TanMarie taking me over to Uncle Ben and Aunt Joy’s where we feasted on delicious pasta and then played sushi-go. Not seeing dessert, Uncle Aaron impressively whipped up some delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Later that night, I spent a couple hours with Rebecca and Emily taking a walk down memory lane.


Not in the highlight reel: this week, I was rejected for a date. Surprised, I nevertheless decided to put into action my own field of dreams and acquired tickets for BYU’s “Instrumental Showcase” next Tuesday, the 26th. If you have tickets, a date will come.

My job at GPS Capital Markets started on Wednesday, and I took the train up Wednesday and Friday for half-day training. So far, I’ve learned way more than I could have imagined, even receiving a nice econ refresher. Today started the carpool for me, so it was a full day, us leaving at 6:30 and returning at 4:00. We had the areas of Georgia, North Carolina, and Chicago to choose from. The other two interns flipped a coin for Chicago, but for me I was set on N. Carolina. Wednesday we start our work, and I am excited!


After returning, I called Mom, who after hearing my plans for the rest of the night, urged me to go to FHE. I did not want to. I was looking forward to a workout, then a relaxing evening. I headed to BYU for this purpose; I practiced playing the organ, but on my way to the gym, felt compelled to turn around and go to FHE. Its so easy to leave behind lessons learned  on the mission. It was easier then to be obedient, as I was 100% committed. Knowing that that is what brings miracles, I figured being obedient, and 100% committed now will also bring miracles. So, it was off to FHE.  And I think my biceps grew a little just for that sacrifice. But if they didn’t, thats ok too. Of course it helps to remember that David Bednar met his wife at FHE at BYU. (And talking about Apostle courtship trivia, do you know which one married a cougarette?)

Love ya,

Hunter Schenewark

On Repentance

Returning from work on Wednesday, I had looked the BYU shuttle schedule up and knew there was a bus leaving 200N 40 East at 6:35. I had about 20 minutes to make it over from the train station. I foolishly ambled down University Ave, still reflecting on what I had read. Then, I realized I’d be cutting it close, so moved into speedwalking, before deciding to just run. It felt good, and I went for a couple blocks before stopping, thinking I was on time. Then, up ahead, I saw the bus rounding the corner and nearing the pick-up point. Once again, I picked up the pace, this time more of just a jog, thinking I had it made. Then, my backpack jerked open spilling everything out. Angry and worried, I picked a shoe, and my reading materials of the ground, and went back thinking I had already missed the bus. But no! It waited there, I could still make it. Holding this hodge podge, I instinctively reached around with my other hand and touched the backpack. Feeling empty, I looked back and sure enough, the brown dress shoe sat lost on the sidewalk 20 yards back. Now, I had missed it. I watched my ride go, then returned to pick up my shoe. It must have fallen out when I bent down to pick everything up the first time.
I won’t lie, then and there, I wanted to just stop. i was tired and hungry. I knew there was another bus route that would take me home I could catch, but my first thoughts were of quitting. Rejecting those, I again kicked it up, running in my slacks, and once again with a full backpack. This time, I made the bus. I returned home at the same time. Messing up had caused me sweat and work and was not as easy, but still, it wasn’t too late. There was another way to make it.
Its better just to be perfect, but when we mess up, we have the gift of repentance that allows us through a little extra work to arrive at our destination.
I am thankful for the simple lesson that was so profoundly taught to me this day.


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