Dancing with Cougars

First, a Happy Birthday to Tanner. I’m just coming back from his birthday party, good times, and I feel like I always leave a better person after spending time with AnneMarie and him. It’s been an evening full of games and food. Specifically shish kebabs of peppers, pineapple, mushrooms and chicken. That had been marinated for 12 hours. As AnneMarie says, Tanner’s food has to taste good and look aesthetically pleasing. (they prepared it all). And then lots of ice cream, and brownies and lemon bars. Good stuff. Saturday, we also celebrated his special day by going to a movie, Murder on the Orient Express, and then playing games in the evening. Earlier, about a week ago, asking me to come to the movie, Tanner said that it would be so fun, they would all dress up like characters from the film, and really get into it. Well, I’m not the type of person you need to call to remind about something, like giving a talk in church, etc. I don’t forget. And thus, I watched the trailer to get an idea, and dressed up. I was subsequently picked up by TanMarie, who had on gym clothes. And we were then joined by others. In gym clothes. #fake news. They got me good.

Of course, there’s a little more to the story than just that. That morning, I had spent grilling with my charcoal grill and watching football, (I also cooked the kebabs which makes my new favorite hobby BBQ’ing) and was eating my steak quickly to finish in time. When, I heard shouts for help coming from the small gym in the clubhouse. I went over to look, and the lone athlete had dislocated his shoulder and asked me to put it back in. I never took anatomy in school or anything similar which might have explained his wails that almost cracked the glass doors, but hey, after a couple tries, his shoulder went back in. Then, I returned to finish my steak. Of course, I was now five minutes behind schedule and texted Tanner to let him know. I wanted to make sure I had time to change and wouldn’t be the only one not dressed up. C’est la vie. But hey, steak, a good movie, better company, and games all in 24 hours? Even if you throw in a scary dislocated shoulder, it was still a nice day.

Friday, was also a memorable day. I had work off, because of Veteran’s Day. However, my boss called on Thursday wanting to know if I would come to his house and do a concrete project. I couldn’t because of prior commitments, but appreciated the offer, and the trust. Those prior commitments included meeting with Roger Minert, world-renowned german family history specialist. He isn’t just an expert in the field, he is the expert. He is teaching my class on that subject, and I’ve already learned a lot, but it was amazing to spend an hour and work through some tough problems on our tree. The main goal is still to find where Frank Schenewark and Fam. lived in Germany. I sprinted from that meeting back to my apt, changed clothes, had lunch, and was back on campus for my 2nd stab at Dancesport. This time we were dancing the quickstep, and I had put some serious practice time into it, and we were looking good! Alas, it was not to be, as disaster struck and we failed to advance. Everything went wrong. Another couple bumped into us, we were thrown off, and instead of fixing the slight damage at that point, we tried to keep going without missing a beat, and that made us go downhill faster than Paul Bunyan could fell a tree. It was  disappointing. And to add to the forgettable finish, I had given my camera to someone, but they couldn’t figure out how to film us until half the dance was over, and then didn’t know how to zoom in.

 With my friend who won one of the Latin divisions. Coincidentally, we matched.

Friday night is date night (at least in theory). This week theory went into practice, and I went on a double date, with a friend from the MTC, Paul. I set him up with Rebecca Welch, and he set me up with Cassidy. It was actually a good time; we started off by going to the soap factory where we made our own custom bar of soap. I chose a flower design, blue color, and eucalyptus/pine scent. Cassidy went with a purple penguin with lemongrass. Paul and Becca made 12 tiny dinosaurs. The best? Definitely the one smelling like rootbeer. Paul says it will be his new car freshener. While we waited for the soap to set, we played banana grams, then went for ice cream at Rockwell’s. It was hard, but I branched out, only sampling my go-to cookie dough flavor, and instead choosing Apple Pie Ice Cream. Impressive, and worth a return trip.

I bucked the natural hesitancy for change, and put my winter housing contract up for sale last week. Only one person appeared interested, but that one person (in D.C. on an internship) got into contact, had his sister come over to look the place over, and tonight, asked to close. I’ll be leaving in December, (still looking for a new place to live,) and am mulling what the future holds in store. Stay tuned….


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  1. Hi Hunter–your letters are always interesting and full of fun. Sure would have loved seeing you dance the quick step. I’ve watched it on Dancing with the Stars–are you heading there? It sounds like you are enjoying all aspects of college–studying, research, and fun. You mentioned you were leaving in December. Why is that? Aren’t you still attending college? Thought you had a few more years to attend.

    AnneMarie sounds like a gem of a person. Sure wish I could meet her. She sounds like the perfect match for Tanner and they are having a wonderful life together. So happy for them, and it won’t belong before the new baby arrives making you an uncle and your parents grandparents. How awesome is that?

    We’ve had some rather cold weather here–in the high 20’s. It did warm up to the 40’s yesterday. But we are nearing winter, so this has to be expected.

    I have some cleanup of garden stuff to finish–outside my patio a well as the garden beds. I had left my flowers, but now that they are frostbitten, it is time to remove them and add them to the mulch pile. I’ll get that done today.

    Have a good week and I look forward to your next letter. Love you.

    Aunt Shirley

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