This was a crazy busy week. I’m settled down in my work schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We officially finished training Monday and I worked Wednesday and Friday solo. Its good. Tuesday, I have a class from 5-7:30, but we usually finish at 7:20ish. Havinf a date at 7:30, a miracle happened and the class ended at 7. That left me enough time to sneak over to clubs night, eat some (free!) pizza, and win at chess before making it to my date five minutes early. Oh yeah! We enjoyed BYU’s instrumental showcase which had four different bands, BYU’s wind symphony, philharmonic, symphony orchestra, and symphonic band playing. The best band was the Philharmonic orchestra which wowed with pieces by Bizet, and Tchaikowsky. But my personal favorite was the “Colonial Song” composed by the Aussie Percy Grainger and played by the wind symphony. My date and I both enjoyed it thoroughly, and it was doubly nice as the frequent band switches left plenty of time to talk.

Thursday I had the privilege to hear the CEO of FamilySearch talk. He visited and delivered the keynote for Family History Week at BYU and it was quite inspirational. He talked about how those doing family history are like the computer geeks of 39 years ago, and how familiy history is our way of participating in the plan of salvation.

Due to conference weekend, the testing center was closed Saturday, and thus would be doubly packed on Friday, so I was proactive and took a history and an M Com test Wednesday and Thursday. That left Friday open and I went with my pal Nate to our mission reunion in Salt Lake. Besides getting stuck in traffic for 1.5 hours, and me almost peeing in my pants, the trip up was uneventful. And the reunion truly wonderful. I went up to see Pres. and Sis. Young more than anyone, but it was nice to see lots of missionaries with whom I labored with. Given the small percentage of Americans in the mission, I was surprised with a great turnout of 40 missionaries. At the end, Pres. and Sis. young both briefly spoke, then Pres. Young called on two of us to bear our testimonies. I felt like I would be chosen, and sure enough, got the nod. Afterwards, he thanked me, and finding out where I worked (close to him) invited me for lunch, which I am looking forward to. Nate and I then went with two ex-sisters, one of whom was celebrating a birthday that night, to Waffle Love. Which, although delicious, are not worth $5 for half a waffle (or a quarter depending on which type).

   Cut Nate out. Sorry Nate. Still working on this selfie stuff.


Which brings us to conference. Actually, to close the above episode, that mission reunion & waffles resulted in me going to bed after midnight, breaking my streak of before 11pm. And thus sleeping in Saturday morning. And thus staying up late Saturday. And thus sleeping in Sunday morning. The cycle is truly vicious. Good thing I have no choice but to break it tomorrow.

And conference. I watched Saturday morning and afternoon, alone, holed up in my apt. It was nice. Saturday morning brought the guns out early. I had some questions, and before I could even get settled in on the coach, they were all answered!

For priesthood session, Tanner picked me up and we went to the conference center and watched it. Pretty good seats too. Even better was Elder Maynes talk. He spoke at BYU two weeks ago, and after these two talks, he’s on my short list of personal favorites. (Two others, Elders Zwick and Ellis were both released.) And we topped the night off with some needed quality brotherly bonding driving back to Provo, and stopping at Cafe Rio where Tanner treated me to some sweet pulled pork goodness.

Sunday morning, I was again rescued and brought to a place much higher than my own, where Annemarie served up french toast and fresh fruit. We watched the first session, then picked up Stevie and Abby to attend the afternoon session. Hearing of the passing of Elder Hales, brought a tender spirit to the session. We returned to Tanmarie’s house and enjoyed a pot roast and games. And simply time together. And I get to meet Annemarie’s sister Lynndsi. So, all in all, a fantastic week. Looking forward to another one. Hope you have one as well.

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