9/24/2017 “And it came to pass”

What would you do, if money were not an issue? That question has been on my mind, and due to answering that, along with some other questions, I have now decided to switch my major. Why? Basically since starting college, I have felt underwhelmed by the business classes. That feeling was intensified working as an intern right before the mission. I learned way, way more about business in those short weeks than I did taking classes. Again working, I can see that I am once more learning vastly more at my job, than in the classroom. I read how prominent New England businessmen (and mormons) like Mitt Romney majored in english, and Kevin Rollins majored in humanities. Simply put, I view a business major giving a three- to six-month head start in the workplace. After that initial period, I do not see the value. Now paying for college, I cannot imagine paying three more years for that, not to mention struggling staying interested in the classes. My end goal has not changed in terms of a profession, but the way to get there has and is. What have I decided to switch to? Haven’t the foggiest. I am leaning towards Ancient Near Eastern Studies, as I feel most passionate about that field. And, I dream about going to the Jerusalem Center. Other possibilities include history, english, or political science. Whatever the case, this door is unequivocally open. I am focused on covering all the bases for now, making sure I stay on track to graduate at the end of my eight semesters, which I feel is a mature, adult decision.

A life- size replica of the Tabernacle being built on campus. It’ll be open until Oct 29. https://religion.byu.edu/tabernacle

In an update to last week, I do, as of an hour ago have a date for Tuesday night. We’ll be going to the BYU Wind Symphony concert.

Tonight, we had a stake training for basically everyone with a calling. Recently sustained as Family History co-specialist, I joined the Temple and Family History group for training. And, during the “munch and mingle” afterwards picked up the number of one Nicole, temple committee chair of the 218th ward. Hey, whether its for a friendly ward indexing competition, or a date, its good to be prepared, As dad, asking about someone else would say, “is she someone who will help build your family tree?” Subtle, and I like the FH emphasis. I went door to door tonight meeting people and drumming up support for our FH class which will start on Oct. 8th. Bishop Gonzalez, in calling me to this position gave me the advice to “work like you did on the mission.” That has stuck with me, and I am determined to do my best. Home teaching, I also learned that one of my visits is to Mouli, a Phd candidate in physics from India, who is not a member. I am thankful for the opportunities, and feel like I am in the right place. Coming here, I had pondered and prayed to go to the right apt. complex as so much seems to hinge on it. I am thankful for the confirmations that have come letting me know this is the place.

This weekend the temperature has dipped to under 40 degrees. The mountains are covered with snow. (In September for crying out loud!!!!!) Needless to say, I have been bundled and upping the meat intake. Hopefully this week brings a return to warmer weather.

 Friday, more has fallen since.

I finally finished Neal Mazwell’s biography, “A Disciple’s Life”, having gotten sidetracked with other reading projects. Coming recommended by Uncle Zach, I am glad I took the time to read it. One fascinating story and previously unknown  to me,  happened in 1972. Senator Bennett of Utah went to Neal to announce his coming retirement from politics and ask Neal Maxwell to run for his seat. Virtually assured a victory, this man, Neal Ash Maxwell, who had majored in political science, worked in D.C., and long been fascinated with american politics, turned down this once-in-a-lifetime offer. Of course, less than two years later he would be called to be a General Authority. And to paraphrase him, the only gift we can give to the Lord is our free agency. And when we do, He will mold us into the people we have the potential to become.


Coming to you one day late.

Uncle Aaron was at the BYU game. He chose the wrong year to attend. It was nevertheless nice to see Anna and him there. I do hope he appreciates my leniency. He came in not once, but twice before we officially let people in. To put that into perspective, and how seriously I take my gatekeeping responsibilities, later this guy with his family comes over. He asks to go in, as he is needed at the media tent. “Ok, where’s your pass?” “We weren’t given any.” (Then shows me their tickets,) “We start taking tickets at 12.” “You don’t understand, I am Luke Staley.” “Nice to meet you.” (If I had really been quick, I would have said, “I am Groot!”) “I need to go in, they’re retiring my number today!” Of course, once that card is played, its out of my league. He went by with his family. And I admittedly felt bad for not knowing who he was, nor that he was being honored  this game.

    MTC meet-up

I recieved my calling: Family History Specialist! Never will a YSA have done so much family history after this………..

I went again to the temple Friday, but am now committed to bringing family names from here on out. Tanner and AnneMarie then came over where we three along with a ward friend shared an apple pie.

We spent Sunday evening with the fam, TanMarie taking me over to Uncle Ben and Aunt Joy’s where we feasted on delicious pasta and then played sushi-go. Not seeing dessert, Uncle Aaron impressively whipped up some delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Later that night, I spent a couple hours with Rebecca and Emily taking a walk down memory lane.


Not in the highlight reel: this week, I was rejected for a date. Surprised, I nevertheless decided to put into action my own field of dreams and acquired tickets for BYU’s “Instrumental Showcase” next Tuesday, the 26th. If you have tickets, a date will come.

My job at GPS Capital Markets started on Wednesday, and I took the train up Wednesday and Friday for half-day training. So far, I’ve learned way more than I could have imagined, even receiving a nice econ refresher. Today started the carpool for me, so it was a full day, us leaving at 6:30 and returning at 4:00. We had the areas of Georgia, North Carolina, and Chicago to choose from. The other two interns flipped a coin for Chicago, but for me I was set on N. Carolina. Wednesday we start our work, and I am excited!


After returning, I called Mom, who after hearing my plans for the rest of the night, urged me to go to FHE. I did not want to. I was looking forward to a workout, then a relaxing evening. I headed to BYU for this purpose; I practiced playing the organ, but on my way to the gym, felt compelled to turn around and go to FHE. Its so easy to leave behind lessons learned  on the mission. It was easier then to be obedient, as I was 100% committed. Knowing that that is what brings miracles, I figured being obedient, and 100% committed now will also bring miracles. So, it was off to FHE.  And I think my biceps grew a little just for that sacrifice. But if they didn’t, thats ok too. Of course it helps to remember that David Bednar met his wife at FHE at BYU. (And talking about Apostle courtship trivia, do you know which one married a cougarette?)

Love ya,

Hunter Schenewark

On Repentance

Returning from work on Wednesday, I had looked the BYU shuttle schedule up and knew there was a bus leaving 200N 40 East at 6:35. I had about 20 minutes to make it over from the train station. I foolishly ambled down University Ave, still reflecting on what I had read. Then, I realized I’d be cutting it close, so moved into speedwalking, before deciding to just run. It felt good, and I went for a couple blocks before stopping, thinking I was on time. Then, up ahead, I saw the bus rounding the corner and nearing the pick-up point. Once again, I picked up the pace, this time more of just a jog, thinking I had it made. Then, my backpack jerked open spilling everything out. Angry and worried, I picked a shoe, and my reading materials of the ground, and went back thinking I had already missed the bus. But no! It waited there, I could still make it. Holding this hodge podge, I instinctively reached around with my other hand and touched the backpack. Feeling empty, I looked back and sure enough, the brown dress shoe sat lost on the sidewalk 20 yards back. Now, I had missed it. I watched my ride go, then returned to pick up my shoe. It must have fallen out when I bent down to pick everything up the first time.
I won’t lie, then and there, I wanted to just stop. i was tired and hungry. I knew there was another bus route that would take me home I could catch, but my first thoughts were of quitting. Rejecting those, I again kicked it up, running in my slacks, and once again with a full backpack. This time, I made the bus. I returned home at the same time. Messing up had caused me sweat and work and was not as easy, but still, it wasn’t too late. There was another way to make it.
Its better just to be perfect, but when we mess up, we have the gift of repentance that allows us through a little extra work to arrive at our destination.
I am thankful for the simple lesson that was so profoundly taught to me this day.


9/10/2017 – The Eagle has Landed

Monday, we (TanMarie and I) went to Uncle Ben’s where we enjoyed delicious burgers, conversation and family in general. Footnote- that was my first time swimming since returning. I’ll be back. And then, after being unable mentally (at least this week, it was quite the shock) to pay $1.50 just to dry clothes (after having washed them) I stayed at Tanmarie’s house,using their dryer, where we played a sushi game which I liked. Even though I came in last.

I received a call Tuesday at about 10 am about a job interview. Asked whether today or tomorrow would work, I instinctively, or perhaps faithfully, replied, ”Today!” At 3. So, I ran home, stuffed some clothes into my backpack, ate lunch, and was back at school for my final class, leaving immediately after at 1 to go to the train station. Why? So I can go first next time we play ticket to ride or Railroad tycoon. I pulled a batman, entering inconspicuously into the bathroom dressed as a gym going young man, and quickly left ready for Wall Street. One old lady who saw the transformation quipped, ”My, you look dapper!” Hearts are breaking all across …. the 750 line to South Jordan.

The only downside? It is in South Jordan, a 1/2 hour commute. My interviewer told me that they want me, but are worried about how I would get there, so they said find a qualified friend who can drive, and we’ll hire you both. Cousin Greg accepted; I re-arranged my school schedule to make it work, and he was interviewed and offered the job the next day. And decided to turn it down. Props to him for seeking revelation, but I’ll admit, I was bummed. So, weighed a couple options (other job, buy a car, ride the train) before wisely deciding the best would be to re-arrange my schedule again to get in with an existing carpool. Pros?  A ride. The job. I have class only tuesday + thursday. Cons? I dropped my bible as literature class and portuguese.

Now that I’ve finally locked it in, here’s my schedule: international ballroom; living prophets; world religions; germanic family history; math 116; organ performance; history 201; M Com 320 (business school)

Thursday night, I had a mission pal, Nate Gibby over and we both reminisced and looked to the future.

Friday, I was productive, trying to finish everything before heading to the temple at 4. And I went with a young woman, so I’ll count that as a date. And we talked on the car ride going there and back, so it basically counts twice. Besides getting to know a very nice young lady, being in the House of the Lord was wonderful. That was my first time in the Provo City Center Temple.

I also decorated my room. Just hung up a couple pictures, but improved the ambiance, and not to boast, but I was definitely impressed with how it turned out. Pictures forthcoming.

Saturday, I saved my energy for what I knew what would be a long day, and spent most of the morning reading. At 3, I left for the BYU vs. Utah football game. The weather fortuitously stayed cool, and I helped keep the peace until game time at 8;21, when I ate some smoked brisket, and then took my customary spot on the field. It was another ugly game, and I am sure many fans are praying for a new BYU QB. I have been impressed with the defense though, even in the two losses. The fans wore me out too.

Today we had a regional conference with Elder Stevenson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. He spoke about Utah’s history and HOV lanes (high occupancy vehicles) which get us to our destination quicker, safer, less stress. Or, spiritually speaking, HOV, humility, obedience, virtue. And our companion for the trip should be the Holy Spirit.

And tonight, we watched Elder Bednar’s broadcast from North Carolina. Go Family History! He inspired me to strengthen the ”chain of the generations” and talked about how these welding links are what fulfills the earth’s purpose.

Lots of love, Hunter

9/3/2017 Welcome to the Big Mingle!

We’ve all heard of the Big Apple, or the Big Easy, well, Provo,  is the Big Mingle. Its good to be back.

Arriving Tuesday night, I stayed at TanMarie’s house that night, before finally going to my new apartment Wednesday. Its spacious, its clean, its quiet…its expensive. While I do have a private bedroom, I share the actual apartment with three others- Jeremiah, Austin, and Derik. All three are currently students at UVU. A quick breakdown: Austin and Derik are longtime friends from the way out in the boondocks town of Filmore, Utah. Biggest attraction/ point of interest? The Maverick gas station. They both graduated in 2014 (same as me) with Derik doing one year of National Guard before serving a mission in Chicago, (returned one month ago) and Austin serving a mission in Washington before going to Snow College for one year, and now here. I haven’t gotten to know Jeremiah as well, he grew up mostly in Albuquerque, NM, before heading to the D.C. area. He’s been at UVU for a couple years now. They all have been friendly, and seem organized and clean. I’m calling it a win, and look forward to our year together.

Annemarie also took me shopping at Costco, which was a huge help. I think I’m stocked for this semester. Its going to be good. The non-perishables….

My first night there, I felt like a celebration was in order, so I decided to cook salmon (can’t do that often!) I might just move the coaches over to the kitchen table, they are COMFY! My packing was admittedly done without as much thought and preparation as usual, and I left a couple things sort of important (belt, bedsheets, camera, etc. ) so it was nice to remember I had a coaster (shout out to the Bach’s!) It’s nice to feel at home.

I’m waiting to hear back from a couple companies about ”real jobs” but Friday I was happy to be rehired working with BYU Special Events – and turned right around and worked that nights soccer game, which saw BYU go down in a fantastic game to #1 UCLA. For three hours, I stood on the bleachers telling students, ”no, no, you can’t sit there, those seats are reserved.” ”But they are empty?!!!?” ”Yes, but that’s because the people bought them so they don’t have to show up 2 hours early like y’all to get seats.” Attendance record was set, 5,700+ showing up, 700 being standing room only. It was a spirited, nail-biter of a game. After an early UCLA goal, BYU had a couple opportunities to tie it, the best coming with 10 minutes left, on a breakaway and with the goalie leaving the box, the BYU player kicked and the ball hit the crossbar. So close. A lot better than football on Saturday. One roommate from freshman year contacted me, and he took me first to Buffalo Wild Wings, where we decided not to wait three hours, and went to Texas Roadhouse. Nothing like a ribeye. Thanks Kevin! And then he dropped me off at Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Joy’s house where we (Hutchins family, Aunt Jenny, Stevie, TanMarie) enjoyed each others company and tried to ignore what LSU was doing to BYU.

First day of church today. Wrong time to be a clerk. We welcomed about 100 people into the ward. It has a good dynamic. Next week will be a regional conference at the Marriott Center, but after that, I should receive my calling……..

This is Porter’s bike he left. Left locked up with no key. I visited the campus police and they came out and cut the lock off. Our conversation was tough. Are you a freshman? No. But the bike is parked on the freshman dorms? Yes. Actually, on the women’s freshman dorms? Yes. School hasn’t even started, how did you lose the key already? Its complicated. Do you have ID to prove its yours? No. I tried explaining, and after a thorough interrogation, they decided to simply take my info down in case anybody reported a stolen blue bike, but as one officer said, ”If I was going to steal a bike, I wouldn’t steal this one.”

On my mission, I gained such a strong testimony of the prophets, and loved every single second of general conference. However, it was essentially relegated to that, as we read only from a the scriptures and a couple other books in the ‘missionary library.’ I’ve been patiently waiting to use BYU’s library, and during this laid back week have feasted on the word. Reading biographies of men  like L. Tom Perry, and Boyd K. Packer, it is obvious at once they have been prepared, chosen, and guided from on high. I am so thankful for living prophets. I know as we emulate them, we are emulating our Savior.

Ok, heading out, going to mingle in the Big Mingle. Have a great week!

8/10/2017 Hidden Oaks Golf Course

What should have been a straighforward par 5 was turning into trouble. From 175 yards, my ball hooked right into a pond. my approach from there hit in front of the flag, but took a hard bounce and finished 18 feet past.

Sawyer was having his own troubles, and Miller was gunning for a par. I turned to him, ”Miller, if I make this putt, I get to name your first kid.”

”no way!!! It’s not that hard of a putt!” “ok, then what do I get?” ”You can decide the middle name.” Thinking to myself, what a bargain! I lined it putt, hit it exactly how I wanted to, and was overly dismayed to not see it break at all, but go dead straight, and three inches to the left of the cup. Next time mill-dog.

In the Company of Prophets, by Heidi Swinson

A quick and easy read, this book tells the story of D. Arthur Haycock who worked for seven church presidents, being their personal secretary most of that time. I enjoyed his personal stories, and the way he brought the men sometimes only seen at General Conference, to us, in an everyday manner.

To include only one quote, Camilla Eyring Kimball wrote to her husband, the prophet, Spencer ”On this your eighty-fifth birthday, my beloved husband, my heart is full of gratitude for the sixty-two years we’ve been privileged to share. They’ve been filled with joy and sadness. Sharing has made the joy more fulfilling and the sadness easier to bear. You have been patient with my foibles and richly fulfilled my needs. Your love and understanding has helped me over the rough spots. Our travels around the world have brought joyful and rewarding memories. In addition to my great love for you, I deeply respect and honor your undaunted courage in meeting successfully the many challenges which have filled your life. your complete and unwavering dedication to your callings and service to others has been a lifetime of inspiration to me.”