So Fresh, So Clean

Dear Family and Friends,

Another wonderful week. There was disappointment as the number of people committed to attend church dwindled and dwindled until it was just one. And some of the people had legitimate reasons, others simply unwilling or not wanting to change their lives. It’s sad when people I feel the spirit with, and want to help, revert back to old ways. I think disappointments are good, and an essential part of life.

When that one person, Clayson walked into church, my joy felt full. because we had worked so hard for one person, and he is wonderful. Saturday, he threw away his coffee, and we whooped and hollered a little bit, and he already loves the church. He´s only 17, but has his own little house and lives alone. We were looking for someone else, when we started talking to him, and he invited us right in. He had been living with his brother, but he married, so on Tuesday when we met Clayson, it was only the third day he had lived there. And I feel like the church has already become somewhat like a family for him. We barely talked with him Sunday, as he spent it all with members, Today he has family home evening with a family,  I´m excited. Carnival starts Friday, so the stake has a four day activity, and he´ll be going to that.

So fresh and so clean.

And about disappointment, it´s impossible to feel that way for long. Not only are there lots of people we´re working on finding who want the gospel in their lives, but I wake up in Brasil everyday. Speaking Portuguese. Serving the Lord. #blessedbeyondmeasure And for good measure, I´ll add that you haven’t seen beaches, until you’ve seen these beaches.  And wonderful food always.

We had interviews with Pres. Young this past Saturday. Awesome. He is the man (he looks like Pres. Packer). While Elder Costa was talking with Pres. Young, I talked with Sis Young (mother of 10!). She served a mission in Germany and some of their kids have German names, so we talked about family history, and it turns out that Pres. Young, is a direct descendant of William Bradford, like us. So that’s awesome. He didn’t have time then, but wants to see our family tree, #cousins, but it really was a great interview, He has the spirit so strong, and afterward I felt like I was walking on air. We talked about John 15, which Elder Holland called a guide for missionaries (and I think for life) and which we were asked to read before coming. I´ll recommend it again to everyone.

And short but important thought of the day. 2nd Nephi 32:3. The scriptures really do tell us everything we need to do. Many times they are our way to know the will of heavenly Father.


Elder Schenewark